Heath C. Norris for Kansas Governor 2018

Write-In Candidate

Endevor to do the right thing because its the right thing to do!

The  state wide smoking ban needs to go. I am against any such ban at any level.  If if If .. a city, county or state wide vote should establish such a law then it should be so but only by popular vote.

"They" are not concerned about our health. only the ability to tax/ extort money from the citizens of the nation/state. 

I do not agree with the current seat belt law.  It can save your life but. it can often not save it  as well.  we have all heard stories about someone being thrown clear of a auto rollover and if they had been "strapped in" they would have been killed.  I like to believe in a little divine providence in those cases.  as i see it , the current seat belt law is just another way to get $$$$$$$ out of honest citizens.

Your common sense, if you have any, should govern  your life, not the government  SEE THAT?


Its my contention that what ever is really going on behind the scenes at the fed/state government level WE THE PEOPLE will never know about unless we send one of US in there to do the job!

First i want to look at the books and see the numbers.

Second, I want to do everything possible to assert our 10th amendment rights / state sovereignty!

"Progressives" have been dumping down our children for years. Money is not the answer. We must stand ready to tell Washington to keep it's money and stay out of the way of truly educating the young people in Kansas.

SRS does as much harm as any good it should do. Some how and some way i will exact some change to the current state of the Kansas SRS. A concerned citizen or neighbor should never be afraid to do what is right, But any one that makes a false claim out of spite, revenge or simple to defame, should be fined &/or cited for the infraction.

I support the effort to build a coal powered power plant in western kansas.

Remember friends, Marxist, communist, socialist will always accuse you of what they are doing. The people against said power plant are in with the plants that are the cause of the bad reputation coal plants current have in Kansas. but you do not hear that on the news.  that plant means jobs and money brought into Kansas and that is good for everyone!

Think about it folks!

 What makes a society free? What does it mean for an individual to be free , free to pursue his rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness?

In a free society the government's roles is crucial but delimited: the government possesses only those powers delegated to it and necessary for the protection of each citizen's individual rights against force and fraud. So long as men are voluntarily dealing with one another when they can reach agreement and going there separate ways when they cannot ( i.e. exercising their individual rights), the state has no role to play in the affairs of men.



  regulations imposed on businesses in addition to objective criminal and civil laws?

 a public education system implementing state-influenced curricula and teaching methods?

 restrictions o free speech in the name of not offending others?

 a central banking system that holds a monopoly over the supply of money?


(above is a sample from: principles of a free society.com )

**Take time to watch a movie called "Fountainhead". You will not be the same afterwards.**