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Hello folks, my name is Heath C. Norris. I am 45 years. I attended Maize High School and graduated in 1986.  I have an Associates of Arts degree from Garden City Community College.

 I helped my Dad, Gary Norris with the family farm and his Two Businesses. I have had my own business in the transportation industry.  I have worked in the entertainment Industry and have experience with construction as well.  Budgets, Limited funds and hard estimates have all been an important part of my life Experience. One of my strongest abilities is to maximize the assets available. 

I have come to know that life is simple. People's overgrown egos and government make most problems worse, so they can show you (or themselves) how smart they are by solving it. But they usually make things worse.  Because they derive their self worth from material goods and the approval of their entourages, their real efforts are devoted to increasing those attributes rather than to working for the betterment of Kansas. 

I have a knack for fixing things that are broken & making the best with available resources.  I realize , even at the state level, no one will tell us the truth about what is going on. I know without a doubt, if I can get my eyes on the "books" if you will, I can figure a way to get Kansas's economy back in the black. 

Personally,  I do not want to be a "POLITICIAN." We have enough of those already.  I do want to be a servant for the people of the Great State of Kansas.

I do not believe a person has to have an others seal-of-approval  to know what is right!  I do not believe you have to have a "Document on the wall" to know what's good for your fellow man! You should not think so either!

Please help me serve our state and our country.

Write-In candidate Heath C. Norris for Kansas Governor


Heath C. Norris

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