Heath C. Norris for Kansas Governor 2014

Write-In Candidate

Dear Fellow Liberty lovers!

I am a believer in liberty, as such I do not belong to groups, organizations or parties.  I believe if  everyone was true to themselves and their God,  We / They would be an independent.

However, Given and current state of affairs we must endeavor to operate in the given system.
I strongly believe  "WE THE PEOPLE"  must send a representative that encompasses the will of the people as well as  a true common sense state of mind.

The very last thing we as Kansans need is another lawyer, politician or former member of the bureaucracy in the State House!

The City, County, State and Federal Government has ruled against the will of the people far too long.

I must now ask for your help to get me on the ballot for Kansas Governor.
My first pledge to the people of Kansas is that I will be working for Them!   I will either be in my office or traveling the state to connect with the working men and women of Kansas.  I have no Desire to move up in the political system.  Making Kansas a better place to call home is my only goal.

There are too many business leaving Kansas to say things are fine.  If we have to pay business to come to Kansas surly there is something wrong with that?

I ask again.  Will you help me get on the ballot?
thanks for your consideration.

Heath C. Norris

HELLO EVERYONE! I need your help!


To get things started I need donations to purchase a used PA system to be used for events.

I am shooting for $500 so if 50 folks gave $10 we would be there fast.

Please be generous.

thanking you in advance!

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